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Hot project

Imperia An Phu

( 11-11-2014 - 08:39 PM ) - View: 785

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Imperia An Phu is definitely a place of tranquility, fresh air and verdant scenery. 72% of the ground area is dedicated to a tropical garden, shimmering swimming pools and shadowy alleys for your family to lounge, play and enjoy every day.

The nearby seven hectare green park opens a clean and green space for outside activities where you can enjoy a breath of fresh air and the beauty of blue sky. Escaping from the city's hustle and bustle, from the noise and pollution, your ultimate haven for living is here.


At Imperia An Phu, you will be moving to a modern lifestyle, with all your housing, entertainment and shopping needs in one place. A wide range of comforts are always available at anytime you wish. A 1,500m² supermarket, restaurants, beauty salon, kindergarten, private school, clinic, fitness club, spa and sauna, library, swimming pool, tennis court, multi-purpose room, conference room to name just a few. No other place can be as pleasant and comfortable as here, your new space for living.


Imperia An Phu pays attention to your every convenience with a spacious parking lot, a shuttle bus to the CBD, selected schools and electricity and water supply back-up. With the convenience system your life will be complete at Imperia An Phu.


Check for Available Imperia An Phu Apartment for rent:

2 Bedroom

2 Bedroom


Imperia An Phu Apartment Facilities & Services: Swimming Pool, Bar-Café, Restaurant, Supermarket, Fitness Center, Bank, Other Commercial Business, Front Desk Service and 24/7 Security.


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