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Garden Plaza Apartment

( 26-11-2014 - 08:03 AM ) - View: 663

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Garden Plaza Apartment in Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.


Located in Kenh Dao area – a busy residential trading area with the idea of imitate Channel Area of The U.S., Garden Plaza have an ideal location, right on Ton Dat Tien Street which has landscape park and artificial canal at the middle will become a most beautiful road in Phu My Hung urban.


This is a precise architectural construction with lot of open space together with facilities and sightseeing inside the building.


Garden Plaza I, has an unique architecture, which have ever exist in Vietnam, follows modern house style of Singapore: a 8-storeys building comprises 4 blocks adjacent to each other, but from ground floor to 3rd floor of these blocks don’t across to each other, they are separated by wide corridors which across from the back side to front side. Remarkable point in comparison to other apartment’s architecture is that architecture of Garden Plaza I is very open and airy, apartments on same floor are not arranged regularly from lower floor to upper floor, there is lot of space between from 3rd floor to 5th floor.


These are “empty cells” to get wind, move the air, get light, plan tree, swimming pool, walking lounge and to create an impressive architecture as well as a private style for Garden Plaza I, this makes the project has its own style, not familiar with other projects which Phu My Hung announced before.


Garden Plaza II, the property is designed in an architectural space with outside looked like an arrow being drawn in a bow; this expresses vitality, strongly raise and honor the standing of the tenants.


Check for Available Garden Plaza Apartment for rent:

3 Bedroom

3 Bedroom


The project comprises 2 blocks: 8-storeys block in the opposite of Kenh Dao Park, a 4-storeys views to My Kim 3 Villas area. A special thing in design is that spacious lobby for customer waiting elevator has a view to landscape pool. Landscape pool is also an impressive point links 2 blocks; this is replaced for garden in other projects and in order to create a “sky-well” open space for air convection. Of course, this audacious idea will make the tenants of Garden Plaza II closed to the nature and give the tenants a feeling of leisure as well as relax in whole day. Architect also designs a royal garden on the roof of 4-storeys building as a “watching floor” which is an ideal place for tenants to watch the sightseeing and enjoy green scenery of the urban.


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